Program 5 Command and Communication Boat (CCB) Tutorial
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Step 9: Painting
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The CCB was airbrushed overall with Testors Marine Corps Green (FS34052) which is the exact color used on Vietnam riverine assault craft. After drying for 24 hours, I then applied a heavy wash of black oil paint and paint thinner to the recessed areas of the boat.
View of the heavy wash applied to the recessed areas of the boat. I painted the plastic rear gun turret covers a semi-gloss light olive drab color.
After the wash was completely dry, I dry brushed the entire boat using marine corps green mixed with flat white paint.
Heavy traffic areas received an extra dry-brushing of lightened marine corps green mixed with flat white. The base of the antennas are painted red to indicate to the crew of possible electrical shock if touched and to avoid tripping.
Close up of the LORAN-C navigational antenna mounted on the forward edge of the command module. This antenna is painted Navy grey.
View of the painted fantail. Notice the aluminum painted anchor resting in it's alternate location. Also note the black hull numbers applied to the stern using 36 point dry transfer numbers and lettering. It was also common to see white hull numbers but C 151-2 sported black.
Overall view of C 151-2. The top of the AT-293 antenna located next to the radar dome is painted light grey.
Top view of C 151-2 painted.
All gun barrels were painted gun metal.

View of the forward Mark 48 gun turret. I painted the vision block gloss black and further "glossed" with future floor wax.

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