Program 5 Command and Communication Boat (CCB) Tutorial

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Step 8: Final Assembly Details
Super Tip= Super Detail=
Over all top view of the completed CCB

Side view of the CCB. Notice the vertices bumpers located on the hull between the bar armor sections. This was only found on the port side of the boat.

Since the boat was essentially as floating antenna platform, I felt it necessary to pay special attention to this detail. The 9 x 1/35 scale highly accurate antennas are manufactured by Minimeca Model Accessories of Spain.

The waterline hull will look great in a water scene diorama!
It took less then two weekends to complete the CCB and building all the bar armor form scratch give an extra sense of accomplishment because the end result looks stunning!
The master that produced this boat model was meticulously researched for accuracy from the only surviving Vietnam river assault craft on display at Coronado, California.
Notice the barrel of the 40-mm grenade launcher mounted in the higher, centerline mounted Mark 63 turret.

I hope you enjoy building your model as much as I enjoyed building the C-151-2 and the kit master.

2 x CCBs being prepared for shipment to Vietnam in 1968 (Photo courtesy of the U.S. Naval Historical Center).

CCB On patrol, Mekong Delta 1968. (Photo courtesy of the U.S. Naval Historical Center).

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