Program 5 Command and Communication Boat (CCB) Tutorial

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Step 5: Upper Helm Armor and Final Deckhouse Details
Super Tip= Super Detail=
Assembly of the bar armor surrounding the helm. I find it easier to add all of the individual bar armor, then assemble the completed sections. I also like to apply super thin styrene strips to the resin parts in order to use plastic cement to position the individual bars. This allows more work time and permits repositioning and spacing corrections of the individual bars.

Notice the horizontal armor applied near the front of the side sections.

Additional armor is applied to the front of the deckhouse as shown here.

Notice the position of the horn.
Correct position of the bar armor surrounding the helm.
Notice the five styrene strips glued between the helm and bar armor.
Assembly of the Mark 16 (Mod 4) 20-mm cannons.

Correct positioning of the other small upper helm details.

The completed helm and deckhouse.

Notice the support positioned between the forward helm bar armor that rested the radar dome when it was folded down.

Rear starboard view of a Program 5 CCB.

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