Program 5 Command and Communication Boat (CCB) Tutorial

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Step 3: Deckhouse
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Assembly of the deckhouse.

Notice the position of the three air vents located on the starboard side of the deckhouse.

Preparing the upper bar armor supports that attach to the sides of the deckhouse.

Proper placement of the upper bar armor supports around the deckhouse.
You will need to measure and cut the individual bar armor support legs.
Measure the distance between individual sections.

Size and cut one piece of bar armor.

To cut multiple bars at once, line up the styrene strips. Use the previously cut bar as a sizing guide and hold bars firmly in position.

Using a sharp exacto knife, cut an entire batch of styrene rod in one or two cuts.

Line up cut bar armor and support legs as shown.

Apply plastic cement to 1/2 of the bar armor legs. Using your exacto knife, pick up individual bars by gently using the sharp blade and place into position. Use a section of hull bar armor to find proper spacing between bars. Then apply plastic cement to the other 1/2 of the support legs and repeat the bar placement step.

A completed section of bar armor.

Technique for building the XAR-30 AC vent armor extension that intersects the bar armor.

close up

Proper positioning of the XAR-30 AC vent armor extension.

Some bar armor supports will require longer legs to be positioned on the lower deck.
Correct positioning for the port XAR-30 AC vent armor extension.
Correct positioning for the starboard XAR-30 AC vent armor extension.
Additional bars were added between the large gaps in bar armor sections.
Vertical strips of bar armor and the small horizontal bar supports.
Super detail of the additional bar armor applied to gaps between the bar armor sections.
Completed bar armor sections surrounding the deck house. Bar sections were attached to the resin parts with super glue.
How to make the life ring supports from the photo-etched brass parts contained in the kit.
Correct positioning of the life ring supports and alternate anchor position on the rear deck.
*Super detail
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