Program 5 Command and Communication Boat (CCB) Tutorial

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Step 2: Rear Deck Assembly
Super Tip= Super Detail=
You will need a good Exacto knife and Super Glue to bond the resin parts. Additional styrene strip and rod may be necessary to complete your kit.

Proper placement of the external fuel port, lifting hook, and port fuel tank vent on the rear deck.

Proper placement of the rear deck rope tie down cleats and guides. The small hatch on the rear deck accessed a storage area on the fantail (Lazarette) where the boats power generator was located.
Starboard lifting cleat on the rear deck. Also visible are two small air vents.
Correct position of the large air vent for the boats power generator. Notice the flat resin base for the vent with rivets surrounding the outer edge.
To add a super detail to the air vents on the rear deck, cut small strips of round styrene tube and place them over the vent holes before placing the brass tops.

Correct placement of vents and super details.
Here is a tip for forming the brass covers for the air vents. Use a tapered paint brush to bend the brass part giving it a slight taper to the rear of the vent. Some trimming may be necessary to ensure a proper fit of the vent covers. BACK TO TOP
Correct placement and position of the rear air vents. Notice that one is placed directly under the rear deck locker and is facing the opposite direction of the others.

Your kit may or may not have all of the necessary engine cover lifting hooks. These can easily be made from styrene stock by drilling out a hole with an Exacto knife.

Correct position of rear air vents on the engine covers. Because the CCB had so much additional electronics and power generator sit was necessary to have these additional air vents to provide adequate ventilation below deck.

Parts needed to assemble the rear deck locker.

The CCB had raised legs on the locker due to all of the additional air vents positioned on the rear deck.

Correct placement of the deck locker.

Rear deck assembly complete. Notice the position of the raised navigation light on the stern.


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