Steve Rouse of River Assault Squadron (RAS)15, Tango 53 (call sign "Bogus") arrived in country Nov 69 writes:

My friend Jerry Elliot was sitting top side breaking off M-60 ammo and throwing it in the Grand canal. We had a Job Detailer on board taking notes...our Boat Captain was a fellow by the name of Manual.

The Detailer came down in the well deck and said: "Boat Captain, you got a man throwing good ammo in the river" Manual took a long drag on his cigarette and pulled it down real slow...he said: "buddy that young man has been out here with me for the last 6 months, now if there is something you want to tell him go on back up there and tell him." Of course the Job Detailer made some more notes and soon after he was gone.

We had a lot of good days and a few bad days...we played the cards we had. I can tell you I learned about the bilge pumps the hard way...we were sinking. Water would fill up in the engine room and we would try to pump it all out, then it would fill back up again...our snipe was no where to be found, so we hastily beached the boat. We noticed that the engine room would fill up with water to the same spot on the side of the engine and pump down to the same spot on the oil pan. I braved that big nasty bilge, tracing every pipe down to the pump...I noticed that when it pumped down to the pan it would suck air at the pipe connection, so I loosened the pipe and handed it up to a crewmate...we covered the end of the pipe in paint and re-installed it...it worked great until the end of my tour in 1970.