TANGO - 13

While serving at SEA FLOAT 1969, Sandy Rhodes,  Engineman Fireman Apprentice on Monitor-2, worked on many occasions with a specially modified Program 5 ATC(H) "Tango" boat nicknamed "Pinkeye". Here is the official Riverine Assault Force Summary from March 1969 pertaining to this interesting boat:

A recent innovation, utilized in MRF night operations, is the searchlight (pinkeye) boat. Since enemy forces frequently move under cover of darkness, a method to enhance the effectiveness of night operations was developed. A 23-inch XENON tank searchlight , modified with a pink filter to provide compatibility with a starlight scope, was mounted on the flight deck of ATC-131-13. The recognition range of this apparatus has been demonstrated to be up to 2000 meters. Two to four Army snipers are positioned on the flight deck as the ATC cruises 100-200 meters offshore. A 105-mm howitzer equipped Monitor may operate with the "pinkeye" boat ready to fire beehive rounds on enemy troops marked by sniper tracers.

If you served on the Tango-13 "Pinkeye" boat I would like to hear your stories and post them here! 

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