U.S. Army Riverine Craft in Vietnam

Waterborne Warriors examines the unique watercraft operated by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. This book combines years of painstaking research with many never-before-published photographs provided by veterans, the National Archives, and the United States Army Military History Institute. The book begins with a historical overview of riverine operations providing insight into the unique mobility challenges that faced the U.S. Army in Southeast Asia. Each type of army riverine craft is detailed in its own chapter including landing craft, hovercraft, patrol boats, airboats, and small utility boats. The hovercraft chapter provides an in-depth look at only remaining SK-5 Air-cushion Vehicle on display at Fort Eustis, VA. This book will appeal to any military history enthusiast, scale modeler, or veteran.

Book Specifications

8.5 x 11 Softcover Edition

100 Pages / 106 Color Photos / 62 B&W Photos / 10 Illustrations


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Veteran Reviews!

“This book, like no other, shows Army watercraft used in Vietnam. The chapter on Airboats was more detailed than any I have seen. Good to know the Airboat has not been forgotten.”

1LT Charles Porter
Co E, 15th Engineer BN, 9th ID
Experimental Airboat Unit
Republic of Vietnam, 1968