A Pictorial History of U.S. Navy River Assault Craft, 1966-1970

Vietnam Ironclads presents a fascinating look at the specially designed armored gunboats used during the Vietnam War. This volume combines years of meticulous research with many never-before-seen photographs taken by navy combat veterans, and from official government archives. Each type of riverine combatant is explained in its own chapter. The book begins with a historical overview providing insight into the unique challenges of America’s twentieth century riverine assault force. Discover the interior details of an Armored Troop Carrier, Monitor, and Assault Support Patrol Boat. Also explore the only surviving river assault craft of the Vietnam War, a program 5 Command and Communications Boat. This book will appeal to any naval history enthusiast, scale modeler, or veteran.

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Veteran Reviews!

"I received my copy of the Vietnam Ironclads today. Wow!...What a great job you did. It captured my attention from page one to "About the Author"...I don't know what other publications are available on the Ironclads, but yours is comprehensive and in my opinion would make the ideal primer for anyone studying this aspect of the Vietnam War."

EN3 Sandy Rhodes, Monitor-2, 1969-70

"I am not only a veteran of the Vietnam Ironclads, but I consider myself a Lay Historian when it comes to our unique Mobile Riverine Force history. This is by far the BEST book that I have ever seen on the design and makeup of our unique combat craft."

"The author has created a very good balance. I truly enjoy the photos of the boats being built as our crews were on the receiving end of the final product. We fought them with vigor and they held up to the task."

RM2 Michael Harris, ATC 152-1, 1968-69

"Received my book, its an outstanding piece of work. I appreciate all your time and effort...You did good, damn good!"

CS1 Albert Moore, APB-35, 1966-68, President, Mobile Riverine Force Association