Program 4, Armored Troop Carrier (ATC)
"Workhorse of the Riverine fleet"

HISTORY: The Armored Troop Carrier (ATC) was converted from an LCM(6) Landing Craft of WWII fame. Modified with bar armor, which prematurely detonated the warhead of an enemy RPG or recoilless rifle round and reduced penetration of any secondary armor plate. Styrofoam sponsons were added along the hull to assist in flotation and alleviate some of the added weight due to all the extra armor on board. ATC's could carry a fully equipped rifle platoon of 40 men as well as supplies. Other tests conducted with ATC's were two 81-mm mortars in the well deck that were placed on tires to absorb the recoil, and an Army M-132A1 Flamethrower Track parked in the well deck. A hydraulic winch was placed on the fantail to sweep for command detonated mines. The ATC's weaponry included two .50-cal MG's in a turret port and starboard on the pilot house, A Mark 16 (Mod 4) 20-mm cannon in the aft turret, and numerous Mark 21 (Mod 0) .30-cal MG's amid ship. Power was provided by twin Detroit Diesel engines connected t o dual shaft drives. Top speed was grueling 8 knots. Crew consisted of seven sailors.