Rare and hard to find items that we are looking for.

M-79/M-203 Grenade Vest, first version in cotton duck (not nylon), small to medium size in good condition desired.
Lightweight Ammunition Carrying Vest for M-16 rifle. Introduced in 1970, constructed of cotton duck or nylon. Holds twenty M-16 20 round magazines. Size small to medium in good condition and Vietnam dated desired.
TF-116 and TF-117 memorabilia. Patches (only originals), publications, photographs etc...
Vietnam produced unit history books and magazines (Octofoil, The First Team, Rendezvous with Destiny, Danger Forward...)
"Paddy" Boot. Experimental mesh Jungle boot. Size 9 preferred. See 9th Infantry Division "Operation Safestep I"
Any offer for the above items will be seriously considered. Contact me any way if you don't have an item, but know where I might be able to find it elsewhere. Please contact me